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History of Mazatlán, foundation and development

Mazatlán is considered one of the territories that provides the greatest development to the entire state of Sinaloa, mainly due to its geographical location. Due to its great beauty, since its beginnings, Mazatlan has contributed greatly to tourism, and the hospitality of its people together with the culture make Mazatlán a place worthy of admiration.

Foundation and history of Mazatlán

The birth of Mazatlán dates back to the year 1531 along with the arrival of the Spanish to these lands, however, by that date, there were already nomadic tribes in the place known as the Totorames and Xiximes.

It was a Spaniard, Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, who was in charge of founding the port, and together with other Spaniards they gave it the name “Islas de Mazatlán”. This place is full of amazing stories, such as attacks by pirates searching for valuable goods.

An interesting fact to highlight is another of the names by which the place was known in times of yore, this being “Villas del Costilla”, this was due to the name that one of the soldiers from Spanish territory had.

This city went through several tragic episodes, since, on the one hand, there was the cholera epidemic in 1833 and only 4 years later a military confrontation took place, where General José de Urrea revolted and was defeated at the hands of Mariano Paredes Arrillaga.

The port was closed for a time due to the North American forces that were invading Mexico, but later it was the French who had control of the place for several years.

Another tragic episode was the fact that the English also wanted to take the territory in 1871, this being the last attempt made to the place to obtain power over the territory.

Sometime later, the city began a strong development, mainly because it was adjacent to towns that had mines, which generated a lot of income. This fact led Mazatlán to be classified as the main city of all of Sinaloa, and designated as the capital for several years.

However, it was in the 19th century that the port itself managed to generate greater income from its commercial activities. Representing a population that had 144 colonies and various subdivisions.

It was at the end of the 19th century when the Mexican government decided to exploit the riches and opportunities of the place, reaching a great boom, which has continued to this day thanks to the tourist beauty.

Although not only its tourist beauty has allowed its development, large industries must also be mentioned, such as coffee, fishing, bottling, brewing, and the naval industry. There are also food packaging plants, shipyards, and a mill on-site; each of which gives this territory a strong industrial base.

The development of Mazatlán

The ones who deserve the most mention in this sense of development are the Germans since they were the ones in charge of enhancing the capabilities of the Pearl of the Pacific through a company called Casa Melcher’s.

The Germans were an important part of the scope of development since they were in charge of contributing by creating companies adjusted to the powers of the region.

The progress of Mazatlán is quite remarkable, especially when compared to its years of yesteryear, where the port was used as a place for the transportation of gold and silver.

This strong development was what promoted the arrival of migrants who sought the riches of the place to obtain a higher quality of life. Among the most notable migrants were the aforementioned Germans, Americans, French, and Chinese, who provided skills and capabilities through work.

However, the credit does not go entirely to the Germans; Given that, it was the Europeans as a whole who gave that boost to Mazatlán, bringing knowledge and implementing it in the industries. The latter generated stable and strong relations with other countries, which allowed relations to be carried out in economic and political spheres, making commercial activities fruitful.

Currently, progress can be seen in this place in many ways, considering that it is the main port in Mexico and where many tourists decide to arrive attracted by its natural beauty.

Advances in the region have allowed the construction of dispersal centers, such as aquariums, museums, and clinics to relax, not to mention the wonderful mansions that give a touch of elegance and prestige.

Its development has reached such a magnitude that cruise ships consider Mazatlán as one of the destination points on their trips. This Mexican territory has a fairly solid infrastructure and system, where tourism represents more than 10% of the gross domestic product.

Other factors that place Mazatlán as an economic and development axis are technology, safety, and sustainability.

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